Project Name: JEO-İDA

Project Support: TÜBİTAK Kobi AR-GE Başlangıç Destek Programı

It is an unmanned sea vehicle that can be remotely controlled.

Usage areas

1) It can work in sea explorations.

2) It is an autonomous and remote controllable unmanned waterborne vessel.

3) It can perform underwater surveillance activities in real time.

4) It can also be converted into a weaponless maneuver, considering that our project can work for military purposes.

Physical Qualities

- Full size: 3510 mm
- Full width: 1515 mm
- Waterline height: 220 mm
- Full height: 600 mm
- Loading capacity: 320 kg

Autonomous and Remote Control Qualities

- Autonomous and remote control options,
- Locating, Consistency check,
- Task planner,
- Road planner,
- Error detection,
- Quality control,
- Low level control,
- The data recorder,
- Simulator,
- User interface

Auxiliary Equipment

battery charger and cable,
2.5 meter adjustable tripod,
3-layer shock and waterproof carrying case

Technical Qualifications

- Total thrust force: 3 Hp (2 pieces 1,5hp DC motor)
- Battery capacity: 12-24V 600 Ah (4 pieces 12V 150A Gel battery)
- Positioning accuracy: 1-1.5 meters (Option; <0.5m)
- Communication capacity: 5 GHz frequency, 2-40 MHz bandwidth, encrypted communication
- Communication distance: 6km diameter
- Vehicle speed: maximum 4m / s